A total of 29 percent of G6 owners compared the Model Y and 9 percent compared the ES6 when purchasing the car.

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Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) officially launched the G6 in China on June 29, with deliveries beginning on July 10.

The SUV was seen as crucial to turning around Xpeng's weak sales. Now, a new survey reveals the G6's main competitors as well as the owner profile.

Of the G6's first owners, 29 percent said they primarily compared it to the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model Y when purchasing the model, the results of a survey released yesterday by local consulting firm Land Roads showed.

The survey was conducted in August, targeting G6 customers in 33 cities who have already taken delivery or locked in orders, with a valid sample size of 102.

Xpeng previously emphasized that the G6's most direct competitor is the Model Y, though it is priced lower than the Tesla SUV.

The G6 is currently offered in five versions with starting prices of RMB 209,900 ($28,820), RMB 229,900, RMB 234,900, RMB 254,900, and RMB 276,900.

The Model Y is currently offered in three versions in China, with starting prices of RMB 263,900, RMB 299,900, and RMB 349,900, respectively.

These owners ultimately chose to buy the G6 instead of the Model Y mainly because they thought the G6 was better in terms of smart cabin, comfort, interior, driver assistance features and purchase price.

Aside from the Model Y, the second-most compared model by G6 owners at the time of purchase was Nio's (NYSE: NIO) ES6 SUV, with 9 percent saying they did so.

The new ES6 was launched on May 24, and currently has a starting price of RMB 338,000

A total of 8 percent of G6 owners compared 's Zeekr 001 shooting brake when purchasing the car, 6 percent compared 's Han EV, and 5 percent compared Deepal's S7.

The percentage of G6 owners who compared the Zeekr X, Nio ET5, and Tesla Model 3 at the time of purchase were all 4 percent.

The first owners of the Xpeng G6 have an average age of 32.6 years, with the 26 to 30-year-old age group having the highest percentage at 36 percent, Land Roads' findings show.

The percentage of these owners who are married is 75 percent, with 30 percent of them having no children, 33 percent having children between 0 and 6 years old, and 30 percent having primary school-age children.

The percentage of those with a bachelor's degree or higher is 87 percent, of which 27 percent have a master's degree or doctoral degree.

Looking at the occupations of G6 owners, 27 percent are in the information, computer, and software industry, 12 percent are in finance, and 11 percent are in manufacturing.

Of these 102 owners, 48 percent were first-time buyers, 27 percent were for an additional purchase, and 25 percent were trade-in buyers.

For their households, 28 percent were first-time car buyers, 42 percent were for add-on purchases, and 29 percent were trade-ins.

Of the add-on purchase and trade-in households, 40 percent had previously owned a Japanese brand vehicle, while BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi combined accounted for 7 percent.

The average purchase budget of these owners is RMB 252,000, with the highest proportion of 53 percent in the price range of RMB 250,000-RMB 300,000.

Their average consideration time for purchasing the car was about 2.3 months, with 1 month being the highest at nearly 50 percent.

Among the G6's features, the XNGP assisted driving function is seen as the biggest contributor to sales.

Of those 102 owners, XNGP was listed by 87 percent as the strongest perceived selling point for them, range was recognized by 84 percent, and the 800 V platform by 83 percent.

These owners rated the model overall with an average score of 4.5, between satisfied and very satisfied. They were most satisfied with the vehicle intelligence with a score of 4.9, followed by space with a 4.8.

They were least satisfied with appearance with a score of 3.6, followed by service with a score of 3.9.

($1 = RMB 7.2828)

Xpeng Jul deliveries breakdown: P7 at 4,908, G6 at 3,937

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