Pricing for the Funky Cat in Brazil will be announced in August, and deliveries will begin in October.

Great Wall Motor's Ora brand, which has been quiet in China for the past few months, is now bringing its electric vehicles (EVs) to Brazil.

The Ora brand's compact EV, the Funky Cat, is starting to be available for pre-order in Brazil, where local customers can pay a deposit of 9,000 Brazilian reais ($1,900) to reserve the model, Great Wall announced on Wednesday.

The Ora Funky Cat, known as the Good Cat in China, is Great Wall's second new energy vehicle (NEV) in Brazil after the Haval H6 PHEV.

The price of the Ora Funky Cat in Brazil has not yet been announced, they will be known in August and the first vehicles are expected to be delivered in October, according to Great Wall.

As of now, the Ora Funky Cat is sold in Australia, Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the UK.

The model has five versions in China with starting prices of RMB 107,800 ($15,050), RMB 117,800, RMB 127,800, RMB 133,800, and RMB 143,800.

The car's length, width and height are 4,235 mm, 1,825 mm and 1,596 mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2,650 mm.

Great Wall held a brand launch in Brazil in November 2022 and introduced the Haval H6 PHEV, deliveries of the model there started at the end of April this year.

In May, the Haval H6 PHEV became the number one NEV seller in Brazil, with a share of 14.39 percent, Great Wall said, adding that the model's share of the Brazilian NEV market reached 14.81 percent in June.

Great Wall's Brazilian plant will be fully operational in 2024, and local production and sales of the first hybrid pickup truck will further increase the brand's sales and visibility in Brazil, it said.

Great Wall sold 104,957 vehicles in June, of which 26,669 were NEVs, contributing 25.41 percent, according to figures it released earlier this month.

The Ora and Haval brands sold 10,015 and 59,007 vehicles in June, contributing 9.54 percent and 56.22 percent of Great Wall's sales, respectively.

Great Wall sold a record 25,131 vehicles in overseas markets in June, up 104.04 percent year-on-year and 15.21 percent from May.

($1 = 4.7378 Brazilian reais, $1 = RMB 7.1638)

Great Wall Motor NEV sales in Jun: 26,669