The man posted tens of thousands of pieces of content insulting , Nio users, and Nio products from May 2022 to June 2023, according to a statement from Nio.

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A man has issued a public apology to Nio (NYSE: NIO) for previously posting a slew of content that infringed on the company's reputation, marking the latest victory for the electric vehicle (EV) maker in defending its reputation.

Mr. Xu formally signed a letter of apology to Nio on July 21, acknowledging his illegal infringements, according to a statement posted by the EV company's legal department on Weibo on July 22.

The man has deactivated his Nio-related accounts, apologized to Nio, Nio users and the public, and compensated for financial losses, according to the statement, which did not disclose the exact amount.

Mr. Xu registered two Nio-related accounts on two online platforms each in May 2022 and posted tens of thousands of insults to Nio, Nio users, and Nio products over the course of a year as of mid-June, according to Nio's statement.

"I have removed all infringing content from both accounts. I am now publicly apologizing to Nio, Nio users, and the public, and making financial compensation to Nio in the hope of making up for my mistakes to some extent," reads the apology letter shared by Nio.

Nio has previously been seen as inactive in maintaining its reputation, unlike (NASDAQ: TSLA) in China. But over the past few months, its attitude seems to have shifted significantly.

In March, Nio won its case against Laotan Shuoche, a video blogger on the short-form video platform Douyin, who was found guilty of violating Nio's reputation, in one of the rare tough moves the company has made in the last few years.

The blogger was required to post an apology on his channel and pay RMB 80,000 ($11,130) in financial damages at the time.

In late April, Nio sued Cheshiji, a video blogger with 6.5 million followers on the short-form video platform Douyin, accusing him of spreading false information and violating Nio's reputation.

Nio demanded that the blogger publicly apologize on his Douyin homepage and pay compensation of RMB 2 million. The case is still ongoing.

On May 8, Nio officially opened an account dedicated to its legal department on social media platforms including Weibo and short-video platform Douyin, following the lead of Tesla, (NASDAQ: LI).

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NIO sues vlogger for $290,000 for spreading false information

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