The Model Y was the best-selling new energy SUV and the Model 3 was the best-selling new energy sedan in China last week.

(NASDAQ: LI) yesterday shared the insurance registrations of some of the car companies last week to showcase its leadership among the new car-making brands.

Local auto media outlet Dongchedi then shared the rankings they produced, providing more details.

It should be noted that the two shared slightly different data on a few of the car companies' numbers, although the differences were minor, which may have to do with their rounding practices.

In the week between June 26 and July 2, (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) had the highest number of new energy vehicle (NEV) insurance registrations in China at 54,000, according to what Dongchedi shared.

Tesla was in second place at 17,300 units. Tesla was 17,400 units in the data shared by Li Auto yesterday.

was in third place with 11,600 units last week, and Li Auto was fourth with 6,500 units.

Volkswagen's NEV sales were 3,900 units last week, ranking 8th, according to Dongchedi.

When considering only Chinese brands, BYD, GAC Aion and Li Auto were the top three, with (NYSE: NIO) in sixth place.

The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling new energy SUV in China last week with 10,800 units sold. BYD Yuan Plus and BYD Song Plus DM-i were second and third, respectively, with 6,200 and 5,700 units sold.

Li Auto's Li L7 sold 2,800 units last week, ranking 7th.

Nio's ES6 was No. 10 at 1,900 units. The new ES6 was officially launched on May 24 and still seems to be in the capacity ramp-up phase.

The Tesla Model 3 sold 6,400 units last week and was the best-selling new energy sedan in China, according to data shared by Dongchedi.

BYD Dolphin came in second with 6,100 units and GAC Aion S was third with 6,000 units.

China NEV insurance registrations for week ending Jul 2: Tesla 17,400, Li Auto 6,500, Nio 4,100