The launch event of the ET5 Touring will start at 19:00 Beijing time on June 15. Show cars are already available in stores and deliveries in China will start on June 16.

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Nio (NYSE: NIO) will officially launch the ET5 Touring next Thursday, and like the new ES6, which just went on sale late last month, deliveries of the new model will begin the day after the launch.

The launch of the ET5 Touring will begin at 19:00 Beijing time (7:00 am US Eastern time) on June 15, and it will be a launch event that will span six countries, Nio announced today.

The Nio App release implies that the ET5 Touring will be launched for consumers in China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Nio is accepting pre-orders for the ET5 Touring from consumers in China starting today, although the model's specifications and pricing have not yet been announced.

The ET5 Touring is expected to cost RMB 335,000 ($47,000) - RMB 345,000, which will be slightly higher than the regular ET5's RMB 328,000, according to a June 5 research note by Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu's team.

Consumers who pre-order the model now will need to pay RMB 5,000 and they will receive 10,000 Nio Credits, worth RMB 1,000, after locking in their orders.

The offer will no longer be available after the ET5 Touring begins allowing consumers to lock in their orders.

Deliveries of the ET5 Touring will begin June 16 in China, roughly in accordance with consumers' order lock-in schedule, Nio said.

The model's show cars and vehicles for test drives have recently arrived at Nio stores, and test drives will be available on June 15, it said.

In an announcement announcing May delivery figures on June 1, Nio said it plans to launch a new NT 2.0-based model, the ET5 Touring, which will be available for delivery to customers starting in June.

The ET5 Touring will be launched globally in June and start its delivery with the Chinese market, it said at the time in a separate press release.

Nio will launch the ET5 Touring on June 15 and will begin its deliveries this month, William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio, said yesterday during an analyst call following the company's first-quarter earnings announcement.

The ET5 Touring can meet the diverse usage scenarios of individual and family users, greatly enhancing the company's competitiveness in the high-end family car market, he said.

The production team of British automotive media Top Gear will participate in the ET5 Touring launch event, according to information shared by the Nio App today.

Notably, an image on Nio's English website yesterday hinted that the company will launch new models in Europe next week, possibly more than just the ET5 Touring.

"Brand new Nio models are coming. June 15, 19:00 CEST," reads the text of an image on the front page of Nio's English website.

The start time of the European event corresponds to June 15 at 1:00 pm US Eastern time, or June 16 at 1:00 am Beijing time.

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NIO to launch 'brand new NIO models' in Europe on Jun 15