The new ES6 will be 's fastest model from official launch to delivery, and the company is marketing the model with unprecedented intensity.

NIO's (NYSE: NIO) previous operational issues not only cost some models' potential orders from the initial hype, but also left many supporters disappointed.

Now, the upcoming new ES6 is key to turning its image around, and the company can't afford to face similar failures.

NIO made the new ES6 debut on April 18, but no pricing information was announced at that time.

On May 16, the company announced that the new ES6 will be officially launched on May 24, with test drives available on the same day and deliveries to begin on May 25.

This will be NIO's fastest model from official launch to delivery, as its local peers, including (NASDAQ: LI), have proven that efficient delivery is critical to success in the highly competitive Chinese EV market.

Although the new ES6 is still days away from its official launch, NIO appears to have already produced thousands of the model so that initial order holders can get their hands on the vehicle on the first day of delivery.

On Chinese social media, images of the new ES6 being shipped to various cities have started to appear in the past two days.

Here are images shared on Weibo today by longtime NIO follower @肉肉爸比ev, saying that these ES6s were photographed in a service area in Guangzhou.

(Image credit: @肉肉爸比ev)

Yesterday, another auto blogger Wu Ying shared several similar pictures, saying that NIO has been shipping the new ES6 out of its Hefei factory since May 17.

(Image credit: @吴颖碎碎念)

While improving delivery efficiency, NIO is also marketing the new ES6 with unprecedented intensity.

Since May 5, NIO has released four marketing videos about the ES6 with the theme "Life Is On" to introduce the model's performance, interior, space, and assisted driving package to potential consumers.

Here is the fourth episode of the series released by NIO today.


The new ES6 has taken up most of the space on the recommended section of the NIO App's home page, and NIO has also opened a special showcase page for the model.

In addition to NIO's own channels, other channels are also ready to market the new ES6.

The company invited local journalists and influencers to Beijing earlier this week to take test drives for the new ES6.

After these test drives are allowed to be published, mainstream Chinese social media platforms are expected to be filled with content about the new ES6.

The unprecedented preparation for the new ES6 underscores the model's strategic importance to NIO.

NIO launched the first generation ES6 in December 2018 and began deliveries of the model in China in June 2019.

In 2019, NIO delivered 20,565 vehicles, including 9,132 ES8s and 11,433 ES6s, with the ES6 contributing 55.59 percent, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

In 2020, the company delivered 43,728 vehicles, including 10,861 ES8s, 27,945 ES6s and 4,922 EC6s, with a 63.9 percent contribution from the ES6.

In 2021, NIO delivered 91,429 vehicles, including 20,050 ES8s, 41,474 ES6s and 29,905 EC6s, with a 45.36 percent contribution from the ES6.

Available data for 2022 show that from January to August, 32,877 ES6 units were delivered, contributing 46 percent of NIO's total deliveries of 71,556 units during this period.

NIO to officially launch new ES6 on May 24, delivery to start next day