Starting this week, insurance registration data will no longer be available, with 's sharing a surprise exception.

The major sources that provide insurance registration data for China's auto industry have stopped sharing the data, but Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) has shared content that allows us to still have access to some of the data.

For the week of April 3 to April 9, Li Auto sold 4,177 units, far outpacing other new car brands and again becoming the weekly sales leader for new brands in the Chinese market, the automaker said yesterday on Weibo.

Li Auto didn't specify what the sales figure was based on, though they were apparently insurance registrations. Previously, we had access to those numbers every Tuesday, and Li Auto's practice for the past two weeks has been to share some of them on Wednesdays.

The tables shared by the extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) maker show that (NYSE: NIO) vehicles had 1,316 insurance registrations last week, and (NYSE: XPEV) had 904.

There were four working days last week, as April 5 was Tomb Sweeping Day in China.

vehicles had 1,526 insurance registrations last week, had 1,476 and Leapmotor had 1,157.

Li Auto's tables also provided insurance registrations for vehicles from luxury brands in China last week, with Mercedes-Benz in the top spot with 14,817, BMW in second with 13,506, and Audi in third with 10,573.

came in fourth with 6,973 units and Li Auto in fifth. Lexus was No. 9 with 1,493 units, and Nio was No. 10.

The vendor that provided us with the data said they will not be able to continue to provide such data, saying it was the decision of the data source.

The bloggers who previously shared the data on Weibo have also stopped sharing such data.

China NEV insurance registrations for week ending April 2: BYD 46,218, Tesla 14,275, NIO 2,730