The Denza N8 will be a mid to large-size SUV that will be available in 5-, 6- and 7-seat versions.

(Image credit: Denza)

's premium new energy vehicle (NEV) brand Denza seems to be preparing to market two new SUVs in parallel.

Denza is already warming up for the new SUV, the Denza N8, as it just started intensive marketing on the Denza N7 earlier this month.

The brand shared several images of the Denza N8 on Weibo today, showing off the model's exterior design.

Denza didn't share anything else, but the information it released earlier this month suggests that the Denza N8 will carry over much of the design of the now-discontinued Denza X.

The Denza X measures 4,890 mm, 1,950 mm, 1,725 mm and has a wheelbase of 2,820 mm.

The Denza N8 will be mid to large-size SUV that will be available in 5-, 6- and 7-seat versions, featuring the Denza family's new π-Motion design language, it said earlier this month.

On March 14, Denza released a video of one of the Denza N8's winter tests, showing a maximum charging power of 175 kW for the model's electric-only version and 90 kW for the plug-in hybrid version.

Denza was established in February 2011 as a 50-50 joint venture between BYD and Daimler, the first Sino-foreign joint venture in China to focus on NEVs. In February 2022, the Daimler brand was rebranded as Mercedes-Benz.

Last year, BYD's stake in Denza increased to 90 percent, and Mercedes-Benz's stake decreased to 10 percent.

In August 2022, Denza launched the D9 MPV, the brand's first model after its rebranding. The Denza D9 began deliveries at the end of October last year.

On March 6, Denza released several exterior images of the Denza N7 on Weibo.

On March 9, the Denza N7 appeared on a regulatory declaration list with a paging showing the car's length, width and height of 4,860 mm, 1,935 mm and 1,602 mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,940 mm.

The Denza N7 has inspired a high level of enthusiasm, and with the announcement of Denza's partnership with French high-end audio brand Devialet on March 22, there have been particularly many inquiries from customers every day, said Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza's sales division, on Weibo on March 26.

Many customers want to have Denza N7 launched as soon as possible, and according to the inquiry volume data, the model is expected to get 30,000 orders before its launch in the middle of the year, Zhao said.

Denza N7 expected to get over 30,000 orders before mid-year launch, exec says