's figure was higher than the previous week's 31,417 units, 's was higher than the previous week's 3,045 units, while 's was lower than the previous week's 6,963 units.

Major new energy vehicle (NEV) brands saw small increases in vehicle insurance registrations in China last week, the latest figures show.

BYD's NEVs saw 37,026 insurance registrations for the week ending February 19, up from 31,417 the week before, according to figures shared by auto blogger @一路向北BYD on Weibo today.

Tesla vehicles saw 5,913 insurance registrations for the week, down from 6,963 the week before.

Tesla Model 3 had 1,579 insurance registrations last week, and Model Y had 4,334.

Notably, Bloomberg reported on February 15 that some production at Tesla's Shanghai plant will be halted until the end of February as it upgrades the factory to begin rolling out a revamped version of the Model 3 in China.

The plant has two phases of car manufacturing, and some workers in the first phase will not be allowed on the line starting as early as February 19 as improvements are made, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Tesla has been upgrading the line in stages over the past two months, and deliveries of the new Model 3 are expected to begin later this year, the person said.

Nio (NYSE: NIO) vehicles had 3,174 insurance registrations last week, up from 3,045 the week before.

Nio ET5 registered 1,580 insurance units last week, ET7 148 units, ES7 249 units, ES6 826 units, ES8 135 units and EC6 236 units.

vehicles had 4,238 insurance registrations last week, up from 4,062 the week before.

The Li L8 had 1,985 units for the week, the Li L9 had 1,964, and the Li L7, which launched on February 8, had four units. The already discontinued Li ONE saw 285 insurance registrations last week.

had 1,463 units last week, up from 1,396 units the week before. P7 was 611 units, G9 was 189 units, P5 was 461 units and the G3 series was 202 units.

had 1,443 units last week, up from 547 units the week before. Zeekr 001 was 1,434 units and Zeekr 009 was 9 units.

-backed AITO had 875 insurance registrations last week, including 535 for the M5 and 340 for the M7.

Insurance registrations for all passenger vehicles in China last week were 303,100 units, up 7.96 percent from the previous week.

Among them, 202,700 were traditional fuel vehicles, up 3.86 percent from the previous week. The number of NEVs was 100,400, up 17.34 percent from the previous week.

China NEV insurance registrations for week ending Feb 12: BYD 31,417, Tesla 6,963, NIO 3,045

Weekly NEV insurance registrations in China in 2023

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