China has essentially abandoned the ZERO-Covid policy, making it possible for such large events to be held.

Auto Guangzhou, which was previously postponed due to Covid concerns, will resume.

The organizers of Auto Guangzhou 2022 have decided to resume the event with a new schedule of December 30, 2022 to January 8, 2023, according to an announcement made today.

The move is intended to promote smooth economic growth, boost confidence in the automotive sector and stimulate consumption, the Guangzhou auto show organizing committee said in the announcement.

The following is a video from last year's Guangzhou auto show.

The Guangzhou auto show is one of five A-class auto shows in China, with the other four such shows being the Beijing auto show, Shanghai auto show, Chengdu auto show and Chongqing auto show.

The event was originally scheduled for November 18-27, but its organizers announced on November 4 that they had decided to postpone the event because of the tough Covid situation in Guangzhou.

The decision came a day after 195 confirmed cases of Covid and 470 asymptomatic cases were reported in Guangdong province on November 3. Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong.

At the time, China was still enforcing a strict zero-Covid policy, leaving a great deal of uncertainty about the holding of such large events.

Notably, on November 11, Chinese health authorities announced new measures that marked the beginning of a significant easing of Covid controls.

As of now, China has essentially abandoned the zero-Covid policy and is no longer focusing on getting cases cleared, but rather placing more emphasis on strengthening vaccinations and the treatment of seriously ill patients.

Previous restrictions on cross-city travel for the Chinese population are also being widely abandoned.

The return of the Guangzhou auto show, one of the most important auto shows, is a boon for the industry in China.

was scheduled to unveil its new SUV, the Li L7, at the Guangzhou auto show, and Baidu's car-building arm, Jidu Auto, had previously planned to unveil the exterior design of its second robocar at the event.

With the resumption of the show, they are expected to restart their previously disrupted plans.