saw a significant drop in deliveries in the second half of the year, and potential consumers waiting for the new P7 could be one of the reasons.

Xpeng Motors' facelifted P7 sedan is finally not far from launch, after spy photos of the model began circulating earlier in the year.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology late Wednesday announced the latest batch of models that will be allowed to be sold in China for public comment, and the new Xpeng P7 is included. The public can submit feedback between November 17 and November 23.

The new P7 is not much different in appearance from the current model, with the most significant change being the availability of the LiDAR option, which is expected to give the model enhanced assisted driving capabilities.

Xpeng's other sedan, the P5, is its first model to offer the LiDAR option, and the flagship SUV, the G9, is the second. Like them, the new P7's LiDARs will be placed near the headlights.

As with the current P7, the new P7 will be offered in a version with scissor doors, the latest filing shows.

There are two models of the P7 entering that filing, NHQ7001BEVEC and NHQ7001BEVED, both of whom have 's rival CALB as their battery supplier.

Xpeng management said in late September after the G9 was made official that CATL was no longer the company's largest battery supplier.

Subsequently, CATL said it customized a battery product solution for the Xpeng G9, and the launch of the model signaled a further deepening of the strategic partnership between the two companies.

Previously, CALB had been the supplier of choice for the Xpeng P7 and P5 sedans, and the company also supplied the G3i, at one point supplying 83 percent of that model this year, the battery maker said.

The new Xpeng P7 measures 4,880 mm in length, 1,896 mm in width and 1,450 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,998 mm, which is no different from the current Xpeng P7.

The new model appears to have improved performance with front and rear motors with peak power of 145 kW and 203 kW respectively, compared to the current dual-motor version of the P7 with peak power of 120 kW and 196 kW respectively.

The new Xpeng P7 will have a top speed of 200 km/h, up from 170 km/h in the current model.

It is worth noting that spy photos of the new Xpeng P7 started circulating on Chinese social media in early February. The entry into the regulatory declaration list means that the model is not too far from being available.

Xpeng deliveries fell significantly in the second half of the year, and potential consumers waiting for the new P7 could be one reason.

Xpeng delivered 5,101 vehicles in October, down 39.76 percent from 8,468 in September and 49.68 percent from 10,138 in the same month last year, data released earlier this month showed.

That delivery volume included 2,104 P7 sedans, 1,665 P5 sedans and 709 G3i SUVs, according to the company.

Xpeng's flagship SUV, the G9, saw 623 deliveries in October, with mass deliveries of the model starting on October 27.

Here are more photos of the new P7 in the latest filing.

New P7 with model No. NHQ7001BEVEC:

New P7 with model No. NHQ7001BEVED: