delivered 10,052 vehicles in October, down 13 percent from September and up 31.42 percent from the same month last year.

Li Auto delivered 10,052 vehicles in October, down 13 percent from 11,531 in September and up 31.42 percent from 7,649 in the same month last year, figures released today show.

In the January-October period, Li Auto delivered 96,979 vehicles, up 54.13 percent from 62,919 vehicles in the same period last year.

By the end of October, Li Auto's cumulative deliveries reached 221,067 units.

"Orders for Li L9 remained robust and the level of its user satisfaction continued to exceed their expectations, further solidifying our market position in the RMB 400,000 and higher segment," said Shen Yanan, co-founder and CEO of Li Auto.

Li Auto officially launched its new SUV, the Li L8, on September 30 and began accepting reservations for the next model, the Li L7.

Prices for the Li L8 start at RMB 359,800 ($49,440) and deliveries will begin in late November, the company previously said.

(Image credit: Li Auto)

Li L9 and Li L8 are meeting the needs of family customers in the price range of RMB 300,000-500,000 together, and Li Auto will aim to achieve a monthly revenue of over RMB 10 billion within 2022, the company's founder, chairman and CEO Li Xiang said on Weibo today.

Considering that both the Li L9 and Li L8 are priced below RMB 500,000, Li's comments imply that the company is aiming to achieve more than 20,000 units delivered in a single month within the year.

From November 5 to November 15, Li L8 vehicles for test drives will arrive at Li Auto's 278 retail centers covering 119 cities, the company said today.

Consumers will be able to test drive the Li L8 at the first batch of Li Auto retail centers starting November 5, and they are all Li L8 Max.

The remaining retail centers will have test drive vehicles from November 6-November 15, and Li L8 Pro test vehicles will arrive at all retail centers by November 15, according to the company.

As of October 31, Li Auto had 274 retail stores in 119 cities, as well as 317 service centers and Li Auto-authorized body and paint stores operating in 226 cities, the company said.