registered 1,798 units, up from 194 units in the first week of October, and Motors registered 1,345 units, up from 580 units in the first week.

While insurance registrations for new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China dipped in the first week of October due to the National Day holiday, the situation does not appear to have improved much in the second week.

Between October 10 and 16, insurance registrations for all passenger cars in China were 375,000 units, a 3.1 percent year-on-year decline and a 15 percent increase from the previous week, according to data shared by auto blogger @朱玉龙-YL on Weibo today.

The number of insurance registrations for gas vehicles in the week was 267,000, down 16.3 percent year-on-year and up 4.89 percent from the previous week, according to the blogger.

Insurance registrations for new energy passenger vehicles for that week were 108,000, up 59.20 percent year-on-year and 51.19 percent from the previous week.

However, in the field of NEVs, other than which saw a significant increase in vehicle insurance registrations, other major players did not see a significant improvement in sales compared to the first week of October.

BYD vehicles registered 39,855 insurance units from October 10 to 16, up from 23,148 units the week before.

had 2,438 units for the week, up from 1,228 in the first week.

was at 1,724 for the week, down from 2,218 in the first week, according to the blogger.

was 2,278 units, up from 1,288 in the first week.

Li Auto was 1,798 units, up from 194 in the first week.

Xpeng Motors had 1,345 units, up from 580 in the first week.

Leapmotor was 1,103 units, up from 958 in the first week.

China NEV insurance registrations in 1st week of Oct: Tesla 2,218, Nio 1,228-CnEVPost