Consumers who take delivery this year will receive a purchase subsidy of at least RMB 11,340.

's 2022 ES8, ES6, and EC6 are officially open for ordering today, after they were announced at last week's ES7 launch event.

Configurators for the three NT 1.0 platform-based SUVs are now available in the Nio app, and interested Chinese consumers can already start choosing the options according to their preferences.

The 2022 ES6 starts at RMB 386,000 ($57,780) before subsidies, the EC6 at RMB 396,000 and the ES8 at RMB 496,000, all with 75-kWh and 100-kWh battery pack options.

(Nio ES6 configurator)

These models will come with Nio's Alder hardware and software system by default, allowing the vehicle's intelligent cockpit and algorithms to be upgraded, but with a starting price that is RMB 18,000 higher than previous versions.

For individual consumers who purchase these three SUVs now and have them delivered within 2022, they will continue to receive a purchase subsidy of RMB 11,340 for the 75-kWh pack and RMB 12,600 for the 100-kWh.

For corporate customers, their subsidies for these models are 70 percent of those for individual consumers.

Under current Chinese policy, models priced above RMB 300,000 are not eligible for the national purchase subsidy, but battery swap-enabled models such as the Nio vehicles are not subject to this restriction. The country's new energy vehicle purchase subsidies will be completely withdrawn next year.

Below are the starting prices in RMB of these Nio models, and the cost of the vehicle will increase if the customer selects other features.

If a customer purchases a vehicle under Nio's BaaS (battery as a service) model, the starting price of the 75-kWh battery version will be RMB 70,000 less and the monthly battery rental fee will be RMB 980.

For the 100-kWh pack, the purchase price will be reduced by RMB 128,000 and the monthly battery lease cost will be RMB 1,680.

For buyers of the 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6, the first owner can enjoy the following basic benefits.

Lifetime free warranty

Lifetime free roadside assistance

Lifetime free in-car network

Free energy replenishment in areas outside the main car-using city, up to 12 times per year

Up to 6 free battery swap services per month

Free exclusive charging pile

Nio has started to lock in orders for the 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 models, with deliveries expected to begin in August. Show cars and test cars are expected to be available at Nio stores starting in July.