has begun recruiting members for Nio Day 2022's User Advisor Panel, marking the official launch of preparations for its annual event.

The first five months of 2022 are behind us, which means the new Nio Day event is getting closer, too.

Nio (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866, SGX: Nio) kicked off preparations for Nio Day 2022 on Monday by starting to recruit members for the User Advisor Panel, the first step in the preparations for the annual event.

"Nio Day is an annual event for Nio and its friends, and a gathering that everyone looks forward to each year. It has a unique meaning for the Nio community, with 'user co-creation' at its core," the Nio app said in an article published Monday.

Among the executive committee of Nio Day, there is a special team - composed entirely of users who are deeply involved from planning to execution - the Nio Day User Advisor Panel, according to the article.

In the past Nio Day events, a total of 19 users participated in the co-planning and organizing of the event as members of the panel.

The following is Nio's description of these users:

They are familiar with everything in the Nio community and have turned warm user stories into micro movies to be brought to the Nio Day screen.

They also actively coordinate and integrate resources to assist the bid cities to successfully complete the local reception of Nio Day.

From bazaar creativity, and Nio Day stage creation, to user exhibition hall curation and Nio Band choreography, they were behind all these impressive projects for users.

As the preparation period for Nio Day 2022 comes, Nio will continue to invite users to become the event's think tank this year, forming a new season of User Advisor Panels to work with Nio executives to create a new Nio Day, the article said.

Nio owners and order holders who know Nio and have enough spare time can apply for membership of the panel in the Nio app.

The application channel will close at 20:00 on June 8, and Nio will make preliminary screening based on user registration information, followed by interviews, and announce the list of members at the end of June.

This is Nio's first move to prepare for Nio Day 2022, marking the start of preparations for the company's most important annual event.

Last year, Nio also launched preparations for Nio Day 2021 in early June. At the end of July, it confirmed the event would be held in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in East China.

Nio Day 2021 was held on December 18 last year and the new sedan Nio ET5 was unveiled at the event, with deliveries expected to start in September.