says the information, which is grossly inconsistent with the facts, seriously infringes on its legal rights.

(Image credit: BYD)

Remember two weeks ago when an electric vehicle fire put , , and BYD in the spotlight? Now, BYD is taking new action after its initial response at the time.

Recent information spread on the Internet about a BYD vehicle fire causing a Tesla vehicle next to it to catch fire has sparked public concern, which is grossly inconsistent with the facts and seriously infringes on BYD's legal rights, the company said Tuesday.

BYD said in a statement that it filed a case in response and demanded public apologies and payment of RMB 1 million ($158,000) in damages from the infringers.

The statement provided no further information.

In the middle of this month, local media reported that a NEV (NEV) caught fire near a BYD store causing a Tesla Model Y to burn down. Coincidentally, it was next to an NIO battery swap station.

A Tesla owner who got delivery only a month ago said a BYD burst into flames, causing his vehicle, which was charging next to it, to burn, a Weibo user said, according to a January 13 report by state-run China News Service.

The report then cited BYD as saying that the information was false and that the vehicle that caught fire was not from the BYD brand, and that the company reserved the right to hold the infringers responsible.

Tesla said at the time that a NEV being charged caught fire, causing the Model Y to ignite, and the accident has nothing to do with Tesla, according to the report.

According to local automotive website Yiche, the accident occurred near a BYD store in the southwestern city of Chengdu, and there is a battery swap station of NIO next to it.

NIO responded that the accident had nothing to do with it, according to Jiemian.