The production facility is capable of assembling Robotaxis to a high level of precision and consistency, with the vehicles starting to operate autonomously as soon as they leave the facility's gates.

Alibaba-backed AutoX built dedicated Robotaxi production line-CnEVPost

(Image credit: AutoX)

Alibaba-backed AutoX has completed a Robotaxi production line based on its latest generation of autonomous driving system, claiming it is the first dedicated Level 4 Robotaxi production facility in China.

The production facility in Shanghai is capable of assembling Robotaxis to a high level of precision and consistency using advanced technology, robotics and systems. These vehicles can begin operating autonomously as soon as they leave the doors of the facility, according to the company.

In July, AutoX unveiled its fifth-generation driverless system, AutoX Gen5, which uses the core computing platform AutoX XCU to reach a new high in China for in-vehicle supercomputing computing power.

It is the first L4/L5 driverless computing platform in China, reaching 2,200 TOPS of computing power, according to data previously announced by the company.

The AutoX factory was built precisely for the production of the Gen5 Robotaxi, and the vehicle features redundant wire controls deeply integrated by Chrysler FCA, according to the company.

"Relying on China's first fully closed-loop Robotaxi production line, AutoX is able to guarantee the quality and consistency of each unmanned vehicle produced, which is a prerequisite for the landing of a truly fully unmanned Robotaxis," said Xiao Jianxiong, the company's founder and CEO.

AutoX has released a video that reveals the entire process of how a fully unmanned Robotaxi is born.

Its assembly line consists of a large semi-automated skate transfer line and a crane conveyor line, customized for the fully unmanned Robotaxi assembly process, according to the company.

A Gen5 Robotaxi is ready to go unmanned at the factory after it rolls off the production line and completes testing at the plant, according to the company.

Founded in September 2016 and headquartered in Shenzhen, AutoX is the leader in driverless Robotaxi area in China.

The company has eight regional cities around the world, with R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and San Diego, and is building China's first "truly unmanned" driving operation in Shenzhen with no safety personnel and no remote control.

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