says it will always adhere to its "platform + ecology" strategy and is committed to bringing the digital world into every vehicle.

(Image credit: Huawei)

Huawei will host an online smart car solutions forum on December 21 to exchange ideas with partners in the automotive industry, the tech giant announced today.

In an invitation posted on Weibo, Huawei said that with the development and popularity of smart connected cars, the smart industry, which is strongly connected to them, will also develop rapidly.

How to drive the intelligent world to accelerate the arrival of the common ecology has become a topic of concern, the invitation said.

The forum will bring together multiple partners in the automotive industry ecosystem, "where you will have multi-topic presentations with partners from car companies, universities, industry organizations and other parties to exchange ideas and share wisdom."

Huawei said that it will always adhere to the "platform + ecology" strategy, and is committed to bringing the digital world into every car.

Huawei will work together with friends in the industry to build a cooperative ecosystem, promote the development of standards, joint innovation, talent training and industrial cooperation, to build an open and win-win prosperous ecology, the invitation letter said.

Notably, Seres, a brand of Chongqing Sokon, announced a high-end smart car brand called AITO, the first model built by the brand together with Huawei.

Seres announced the first model of the AITO brand, the Wenjie M5, which will be the first production SUV to feature Huawei's latest HarmonyOS smart cockpit and Huawei's smart car solutions.

Seres did not release details about the model, saying that more information will be announced on December 23.

Seres unveils new premium brand AITO, aims to build over 1,000 stores with Huawei next year