The era of Chinese new car makers building anchor points is over, and the next competition is for comprehensive strength.

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Even though its October delivery dip was due to a production line revamp, Nio is being questioned by some as to whether it still has a future.

A recent article by WeChat account hyzibenlun analyzed this in an attempt to explain where Nio currently stands in the competition.

Here are the main points of the article:

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, proposed the "anchoring effect" in 1974 to illustrate the important role that first impressions play in people's judgment.

Now Chinese Internet entrepreneurs have skillfully applied it to their business practices. Creating a distinctive enough label is the first step for new brands to capture the minds of users.

Among the new Chinese carmakers, Nio's "anchor" is undoubtedly the most distinctive. Its comprehensive and considerate service and extremely loyal users have been the keywords widely discussed by this company for a long time.

But obviously, for the car industry, the era of competing for "anchor" is over. A ship's ocean adventure needs more, and the moment the engine roars, the test of overall competitiveness really begins.

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