has released a teaser image that shows its "X" logo with a flat foot instead of the rounded corners of the previous logo.

Xpeng Motors today released the first teaser image of its new logo after hinting at a brand refresh last week.

The teaser image shows a new visual design for the Xpeng brand, with one foot of its "X" logo featuring a flat base instead of the rounded corners of the previous logo.

Xpeng will hold a launch event at 14:00 on November 18 Beijing Time to introduce its brand update.

It is worth noting that Xpeng has applied for a new "X" graphic trademark on September 13, showing that it has a flat bottom on all four corners.

The new mark also shows the two parts of the logo on both the left and the right side are connected, unlike the previous one where the four parts were completely separated.

Xpeng trademark in application:

The old logo:

Xpeng's application shows that the trademark will be used in 26 categories, including self-driving cars, electric bicycles, aircraft, buses, aerial devices, machines and equipment, parachutes, civilian drones, and automobiles.

The company said on Friday that it will hold an "Xpeng Brand Update Day" on November 18 at 14:00.

The teaser image it released on Friday showed that it will hold a press conference at 11:00 on November 19, the first day of the Guangzhou Auto Show. The company's new SUV, likely to be called G9, is expected to make its debut at that time.

Given that its brand refresh comes a day before the Guangzhou Auto Show, this means that the new logo is expected to be used on the new SUV model.