on Friday unveiled its mobile service van, which can help customers fix their cars anytime, anywhere to improve their car-using experience.

The truck is based on a van with a variety of built-in repair tools, such as a fully automated tire picker and balancer, as well as a laptop computer, various screwdrivers, a jack and a safety bench.

With the help of these tools, repairers can quickly troubleshoot and solve software and hardware problems with the truck, Nio said.

The fully automatic tire picker is fixed in the mobile service truck through a specially designed hydraulic system and track, which can automatically complete tire removal and installation when repairing tires.

The dynamic balancing machine is hidden inside the vehicle by a specially designed track, which can be unlocked when in use so that the machine can be pulled out of the vehicle.

Dynamic balancing is very important in routine inspection after tire repair or tire change. Above the dynamic balancing machine is an external power supply switch panel, which can supply power to other equipment.

The interior of the car is equipped with interior and parts tool cabinets. The bottom half of the door on the left side is a tool cabinet for fine tools, and above it and the door on the right side are large pieces of equipment or accessories.

Tools in the tool cabinets are all insulated to protect the safety of the electric vehicle service rescue team. The tool cabinet is also the most expensive part of the mobile service truck, according to Nio.

The trolley equipped with the service truck can be loaded with the required tools into a small space to make up for the difficulty of accessing each site obstacles.

The engineering computer inside the vehicle is used to overhaul software problems including NOMI and clear fault codes.

In addition to a jack to lift the body, a safety bench is provided as double insurance. The safety stool can support up to 6 tons of body to ensure the safety of personnel, according to Nio.