raised a lot of eyebrows after it pushed the NIO Pilot test to owners, and now the company is responding.

The introductory video and Q&A on NIO Pilot's key features will give users new ways to understand NIO Pilot's features, boundaries and considerations for use, the company told thepaper.cn on Tuesday.

NIO will help users understand their cars by providing more ways to introduce features and use considerations, the company said.

The NIO App pushed out the NIO Pilot test to car owners on Monday, featuring a six-minute video and 10 quiz questions.

The video introduces the key features and things to know about NIO Pilot, and re-emphasizes that NIO Pilot and NOP (Navigation on Pilot) are assisted driving features, not autonomous driving, and that the driver must always be in control of the driving during use.

Pilot is an assisted driving feature that helps the driver control the vehicle, cruise adaptively within a set speed, and stay in the lane when the lane lines are clear, the video says.

The video also details NIO Pilot, how NOP turns on, how to change lanes, how to set range speed, distance, special, high scenario alerts, and inability to respond to road conditions.

The video repeatedly emphasizes that drivers need to stay focused at all times when using it, and that they need to remind others to watch this video in its entirety when handing over the vehicle to them and confirm that they understand and master the use of NP and the precautions.

Only after the video is played, the user is answered and rewarded with 200 NIO Credits when all are correct.

(Photo source: NIO)