Zhejiang Holding Group recently disclosed a patent related to a method of controlling the autonomous driving of a vehicle, according to information from data provider Qichacha.

The patent enables the master controller and slave controller to obtain information about the vehicle's surroundings in real-time, with the latter serving as a backup if the former fails.

The information they acquire can be used to plan a parking path and control the vehicle to stop automatically based on the parking path, the patent abstract shows.

"The invention provides a safe and comfortable method of parking for autonomous driving control," the patent abstract states.

Geely aims to reach 3.65 million sales by 2025, including , of which electric vehicles account for more than 30 percent, the company said in its first-half earnings report on Wednesday.

Geely wants to be No. 1 in China in terms of market share by 2025, and its electric car brand Zeekr aims to reach 650,000 sales by then and reach the top three in the global market for premium electric vehicles.

Geely's revenue for the first half of the year was RMB45 billion ($6.9 billion), up 22 percent year-over-year.

Geely sold 630,237 vehicles in the first half of the year, an increase of 19% percent year-over-year. Lynk & Co sold 107,873 of these vehicles, up 97 percent year-over-year.

Geely aims for 3.65 million sales by 2025, with EVs accounting for over 30%

(Photo source: Geely)