NIO put four new battery swap stations into operation on Sunday, bringing the total number to 308.

They are located in Suzhou and Danyang in Jiangsu, Jingzhou in Hubei, and Foshan in Guangdong.

's new battery swap station in Suzhou is located in a local mall of furniture retail giant and real estate conglomerate Red Star Macalline Group (Red Star), and is its fourth second-generation battery swap station in the city and its ninth such facility there.

Earlier this year, NIO and Red Star reached an agreement to jointly build 60 charging stations and battery swap stations.

In addition to these battery swap stations, NIO has 11 supercharging stations, 7 destination charging piles and access to 5,832 third-party charging piles in Suzhou, a city close to Shanghai.

NIO's battery swap stations in Danyang, Jingzhou, and Foshan are the first second-generation facilities it has built in these regions.

Next to the battery swap station in Foshan, NIO has also put into operation a supercharging station, providing four supercharging piles.

As of July 11, NIO has 308 battery swap stations, 210 superchargers, 387 destination charging stations, and access to more than 380,000 third-party charging piles in China.

(Source: NIO)