When people think of an electric vehicle with extended-range technology, they think of a vehicle with a fuel engine to provide more range. Now, a Chinese company has unveiled a model that allows users to get extra range by increasing the number of battery packs.

Shanghai Firebright New Energy Technology Co, a Chinese new energy vehicle company, recently unveiled what it calls the pure electric extended-range model, which it developed with Chery at the EVS34 electric vehicle show.

It differs from the , an electric vehicle with extended-range technology, in that its range extender is made up of multiple replaceable split battery packs, the report said.

These packs are called "1+N" packs by Firebright, which can be simply interpreted as extended-range compartments where N split batteries can be inserted in parallel on demand to achieve higher range.

The model is shipped with a basic battery pack and multiple pack bins to allow users to add packs.

The FS6 model released by Firebright, for example, has a factory configured base pack with a range of approximately 200km to 300km, with bays for adding 2-6 packs, each adding approximately 45-50km of range.

The FS6 has a maximum range of approximately 480km for the base model and 670km for the long-range version.

Firebright was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing customers with differentiated smart electric vehicle products and services.