After a brief teaser Monday night, Chinese electric vehicle company Nio unveiled its second charging route under the Power Up Plan on Tuesday as planned.

announced the Power Up Plan last year with the aim of building a destination charging network covering China. The company opened the first line under the plan, a charging line from Chengdu to Mount Everest, late last year.

It said Tuesday it has opened the second line under the plan - a route covering the mountainous regions of southwestern China from Chengdu via China's National Highway 318.

(Source: Nio)

The area spans 340 kilometers east to west and 800 kilometers north to south, and Nio has set up 12 destination charging stations along the route.

(Source: Nio)

The lowest altitude here is 480 kilometers in Chengdu, and the highest altitude reaches 4,523 kilometers.

(Source: Nio)

Nio said on Monday that the route covers three 5A-grade scenic spots and 24 4A-grade scenic spots. With grasslands, snow-capped mountains, and rivers, the route is known as one of the world's best destinations for ecotourism, it said.

During the Beijing auto show in late September 2020, Nio officially announced its Power Up Plan, which aims to deploy 20kW destination DC charging piles in popular travel, leisure, and business destinations to form a nationwide destination charging network.

Under the plan, Nio's ultimate goal is to deploy more than 30,000 destination DC charging piles in China.

To achieve this goal, Nio will provide a total of RMB 100 million ($15.7 million) in construction and operation subsidies to all partners who are willing to share resources and waive service fees for Nio customers, averaging RMB 1,000 per charging post per year for three years.

At the end of December 2020, Nio announced the opening of a charging line from Chengdu to Mount Qomolangma-also known as Mount Everest, the first charging line opened under the Power Up Plan.

The line is a destination charging station built by Nio with a user nicknamed "Doctor King", which is one of the results of Nio's efforts to build a user ecosystem.

Nio did not announce the partner of the latest line.