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Chinese electric vehicle company Nio signed an agreement with Sansha City in Hainan Province on Tuesday to jointly promote clean energy development in the Xisha Islands, South China Sea.

The Islands are the largest archipelago in the South China Sea by land area and are under the jurisdiction of Sansha.

Under the agreement, Nio will provide Sansha with a fleet of smart electric vehicles and invest in charging and storage facilities.

Based on the Islands' existing new energy facilities, the latest effort will form a clean energy chain here including solar, wind, and tidal power generation, power battery storage, charging pile replenishment, and electric vehicle mobility.

The goal is to say goodbye to fossil fuels in the islands' mobility scenario, the first of its kind in the world.

This is the latest move by Nio to expand its circle of partners, and more such efforts are likely to come.

On April 15, Nio signed a strategic partnership agreement with fossil fuel giant Sinopec and opened its first second-generation battery swap station at one of the latter's gas stations in Beijing.

Following the agreement, Nio co-founder and president Qin Lihong said the company has partnered with State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Dongguan Development (Holdings), and Shenzhen Bus Group Company, and will add nearly 100 third-party partners this year to collaborate on battery swap station construction.

(Source: Nio)