Chinese auto giant GAC Group said on May 10 that it will develop L4 self-driving vehicles with tech giant , with mass production planned for 2024.

GAC revealed the plan during an exchange with investors, though it did not specify whether the models with Huawei would be sold by the latter.

Carmaker's cooperation with Huawei is currently being highly watched, as the first model that went on sale in Huawei's channels - the Seres SF5 – has been well received in China, even leading to delivery being delayed.

The Guangzhou Daily reported on Friday that the Seres SF5 is currently receiving a large number of orders and deliveries may be delayed, with orders at the end of April probably having to wait until the end of June for delivery.

GAC's main business includes research and development, automobile and motorcycle production, parts production, trade services, and finance. And it is one of the automotive groups with the most complete industrial chain and the most optimized industrial layout in China.

On April 9, GAC officially announced its "Neutron Star" strategy at its Science and Technology Day, planning to carry out in-depth independent research and development as well as the industrial application of power batteries and electric cores.

Its latest battery technology can reduce the volume by 20% and weight by 14% under the same power level. This makes the energy density of the cell exceed 280Wh/Kg and the range is over 1,000km.

GAC Group plans to mass-produce graphene battery that boasts of charging to 80% in 8 mins in Sept

(Source: GAC)