BMW Group partnered with local supplier Qianxun Spatial Intelligence on April 21 to help its vehicles gain high-precision positioning capabilities in China.

Qianxun said its high-precision positioning network can provide Find AUTO Client positioning engine service and Find AUTO Service high-precision correction number service.

Positioning based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) helps cars sense their location accurately and is unaffected by bad weather, light, non-visible scenarios, and onboard sensor instability, the company said.

Qianxun said its positioning service uses a network of satellite stations, based on self-developed algorithms and big data, to broadcast high-precision GNSS state space wide correction numbers and completeness parameters for cars.

BMW partners with local supplier to gain high-precision positioning capabilities in China-CnEVPost

The company said at the Shanghai auto show, which opened on April 19, that it has built a high-precision positioning system for automobiles at three levels: capability, product and ecology.

Through proprietary services, intelligent algorithms and integrated hardware, Qianxun has established product standards in terms of accuracy, reliability, safety, efficiency and quality.

Qianxun says it has cooperated with car companies and chip makers to build up an ecology of the whole industry chain.

High-precision positioning capability is a must for high-level autonomous driving, which allows the map to accurately reproduce the real road conditions and control the position error within 10 to 20 centimeters.

High-precision maps also contain multi-dimensional information, such as displaying lane lines, road signs, and street signs.

Is high-precision positioning at the heart of smart cars?