Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor recently said that its first battery swappable model, the Aeolus E70, will go into mass production in June.

The model was made battery swappable with the support of local company Aulton New Energy. The two companies recently signed an agreement to start cooperation on battery swap.

Dongfeng's website shows that the Aeolus E70 is priced from RMB 135,800 ($20,725), has a combined range of 400-500km, and can be charged to 80% in as little as 36 minutes.

They will use the Wuhan cab and Nanjing car-hailing market as the starting point for cooperation, and will jointly develop the market in other Chinese cities in the future.

In addition to launching the battery swap model Aeolus E70, the two companies plan to work together to promote the battery swap and car battery separation for the operating vehicle market.

Aulton has already started the construction of a battery swap service network in Wuhan and plans to build 10-15 battery swap stations in 2021.

In the next three years, Aulton plans to build 100 battery swap stations in Wuhan, providing battery swap services for more than 30,000 new energy vehicles.

NIO says it has provided over 2 million battery swap services to customers

(Photo: Dongfeng Motor)