(Graphic by CnEVPost)

Warren Buffett-backed Chinese electric car company 's new energy vehicle sales in March were 24,218 units, up 134% from February and 98% year-on-year.

BYD's cumulative new energy vehicle sales from January to March were 54,751 units, an increase of 146.72% year-on-year, data released by the company showed.

BYD sold 23,386 new energy passenger vehicles in March, up 99% from 11,763 units in the same month last year.

Among them, 16,301 units of pure electric vehicles were sold, up 56% from 10,433 units in the same month last year. Sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were 7,085 units, up 433% from 1,330 units in the same period last year.

BYD's total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in March was about 2.149 GWh, and the total cumulative installed capacity for the year was about 5.258 GWh.

BYD said it will hold a new car launch in Chongqing on Wednesday.

The company has already released the Qin Plus DMi, Song Plus DMi, and Yuan Pro this year.

BYD is expected to release the Qin Plus EV, Song Pro, and the 2021 Tang EV, all with its signature blade battery.