The first destination charging station in Macau, which is also the electric vehicle company's 328th destination charging station, has been put into operation.

The charging station is located at the MGM Cotai, according to the information posted on the NIO app on March 27.

This is NIO's latest move in Macau. In October 2019, NIO participated in the Macau International Motor Show for the first time.

In April 2020, the first NIO Space in Macau opened.

In November 2020, NIO completed the first supercharging station in Macau.

With the operation of the destination charging station, the car experience of NIO owners in Macau is expected to be optimized.

NIO's replenishment system includes mobile charging vehicles, home charging stations, 20kW fast-charging stations (destination charging stations), and owned and third-party supercharging stations, in addition to its signature battery swap stations.

By making its vehicles battery swap-enabled, NIO hopes to enable owners to enjoy the benefits of advances in battery technology.

NIO has previously stated that the starting point of its replenishment system is to provide users with a full range of replenishment options through a "rechargeable, battery swappable, and upgradeable" replenishment system to protect the interests of users throughout their life cycle.

Even the first NIO ES8 delivered in 2018 can get more than a 40% range increase by upgrading the 100-degree battery pack.

Thanks to battery swap technology and battery swap stations, NIO customers can purchase or rent batteries with the latest technology at a very low cost and enjoy the benefits of technological progress.

NIO's new 100 kWh battery is already available at the battery swap station in Beijing. NIO has announced that it will launch a 150-degree solid-state battery in the fourth quarter of next year.

Currently, NIO has 194 swap stations, 135 supercharging stations, and 328 destination charging stations.

In addition, the NIO app has access to 380,000 third-party charging stations.

(Photo: NIO app)