Chinese EV maker released NIO OS 2.9.0 on January 25, pushing it in batches via FOTA to ES8, ES6 and EC6 vehicles with version 2.7.0 and above.

The update features Self-Automatic Parking Assist with Fusion, which combines surrounding view cameras with ultrasonic radars to understand the immediate environment more accurately.

With the upgrade, the vehicle will be able to detect parking slots based on parking space lines, recognize multiple consecutive available parking spaces, and choose a target parking slot.

The update allows NIO vehicles to recognize multiple consecutive available parking slots, up to 12 at a time.

The update adds Nearby Summoning (NBS) feature. The NIO App allows the owner to control the vehicle straight forward or backward for a distance, provided that the distance between the vehicle and the surrounding obstacles is not less than about 30cm.

The primary user can now bind a device such as a smart key to the co-user's account and unlock the vehicle with a different device will automatically synchronize settings (seat memorizing, favorite addresses, etc.) associated with the account.

The co-driver's seat can be adjusted via the center console after the update. Users will be able to reset the passenger seat to its default position by telling NOMI, the in-car voice assistant, "Set the co-driver's seat to the default position" or "I want to get off".

The update adds driver's seat quick control widgets, which will automatically pop up when the driver adjusts the driver's seat, steering wheel, wing mirrors, or HUD's height.

The update also optimizes driving modes and other experiences, including Navigate on Pilot (NOP) which will take more of an active lane change with proper acceleration.