Chinese technology company iFlytek said in an investor exchange platform that , , and Motors all use its intelligent voice technology.

iFlytek continues to be the No. 1 brand for intelligent voice interaction in China's cars, and in-car voice applications continue to expand, the company said.

Founded in 1999, iFlytek is an intelligent speech and artificial intelligence company.

In 2011, iFlytek launched a deep neural network system for Chinese speech recognition. The company then gradually expanded its business to include a speech platform and the iFlytek input method.

From 2013 to 2019, iFlytek launched solutions for education, healthcare, justice, security, and smart cities.

In 2017, Nio released its first flagship SUV, the ES8. With the launch of the car, NOMI became the world's first mass-produced in-vehicle artificial intelligence system.

NOMI's initial product was called NOMI Mate, and in 2018, Nio released NOMI's second product, NOMI Halo, which utilizes a simpler form of halo and voice to interact with the user.

Xpeng's voice assistant has been dubbed Xiao P (Little P), and it is part of the company's broader Xmart OS In-Car Intelligent System.

Xiao P is built with Cerence ARK, which is a localized AI Reference Kit that was designed specifically for the Chinese market.

BYD launched its voice assistant “Xiaodi” with dilink 3.0 last year.

With the addition of new sound source positioning function and children's voice recognition function, “Xiaodi” can provide intelligent service for drivers and passengers of different positions and ages in the car.