Chinese EV maker 's only model, the Li ONE, is positioned as a comfortable family car, but one Chinese geek has transformed it into a "tank".

A video posted today by Han Lu, a veteran car critic and chief content officer of, shows his team replacing all four wheels of a Li ONE with snow tracks.

The video shows that the modified vehicle is able to drive normally. But it's worth noting that the modified vehicle is not legal to drive on the road and can only be experienced after being transported to an off-road environment via a panel truck.

Han said he was not satisfied with the color and should have used a white body and then sprayed the structural parts of the tracks in fluorescent green.

He said it was too late to change the color because the Chinese New Year was approaching. He is going to shoot the experience first and then change the color after the Chinese New Year.

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According to his plan, he will take the vehicle to the gravel road next week to experience the driving experience, and in the future, he will take it to the snow to experience it.

Launched in April 2019, the Li ONE is positioned as a luxury mid-size SUV.

It is China's first pure electric SUV with extended-range technology that can be recharged or refueled.

Its battery pack has an available capacity of 37.2Wh, with a maximum battery range of 180km and a range extender range of up to 520km.

The Li ONE sold 33,457 units in 2020, surpassing the ES6, WM Motor EX5 and Tang DM, making it the number one selling new energy SUV in China for four consecutive months.

Li Auto delivers 6,126 units in December, up over 500% year-on-year