Chinese EV maker Motors announced on Saturday the opening of its supercharging station at the Daguangming Center in Wuqing, Tianjin, the company's first supercharging station designed with a new branding standard.

XPeng owners can enjoy free charging services and two hours of free parking.

XPeng says that all new XPeng Superchargers opening in 2021 will feature the new brand identity and will cover more scenarios.

Here are the new station designs announced by XPeng:

The EV maker did not describe in detail how the new branding of the supercharging stations differs from the past, but judging from the charging pile designs, there appears to be no difference from the previous ones.

Here is XPeng's charging station at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which opened late last year:

XPeng said it will work with China's best charging operators to expand the number of cities offering free charging to owners to 200 by 2021.