Motors' production surpassed 's in December and is expected to do well in January sales, said Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

In a report released today, Cui said Xpeng's production reached 7,092 units in December, beating Nio's 7,007.

This indicates that Xpeng "has a strong production capacity and will certainly achieve an explosive sales growth in January", Cui said, adding that Xpeng will also receive a relatively high new energy credit score.

, , and SAIC-GM Wuling are the top three in the 2020 new energy credit score rankings, all exceeding 100,000 points, the report said.

In terms of new energy vehicle production, Wuling is No. 1, BYD is No. 2 and Tesla is No. 3.

Overall, new energy passenger vehicle production and credit score in 2020 exceeded expectations, which also set stronger confidence in the faster development of the new energy market, Cui said.

(Table from Cui's report, English company names on the left added by us.)

Xpeng saw its December deliveries reached a record high of 5,700 units, up 326 percent year-on-year, the company said earlier this month.

Xpeng P7 saw deliveries of 3,691 units and Xpeng G3 deliveries reached 2,009 units in December, both setting record highs in 2020.

Xpeng delivered a total of 12,964 units in the fourth quarter, exceeding the company's guidance of 10,000 units by nearly 30 percent. This delivery volume was up 303 percent year-on-year and 51 percent over the previous quarter.

Of these, 8,527 Xpeng P7 units were delivered in the fourth quarter, up 37 percent from the third quarter.

In 2020, Xpeng delivered 27,041 units cumulatively for the year, up 112% from 2019.