South Korea's Truwin Co. Ltd. said on December 28 that it has signed a contract with Chinese electric vehicle company for the supply of "brake pedal sensors (BPS)" for electric vehicles and expects to supply 60,000 units in the first half of next year, according to Korean media Edaily.

Truwin is supplying NIO with the BPS, a sensor product installed in hybrid and electric vehicles, which works by measuring the voltage value when the driver presses the pedal and transmits an electrical signal to the electronic control unit to trigger the brake.

Truwin supplies electric vehicle models to Hyundai Kia Motors in Korea and recently succeeded in securing an order for 90,000 products from Ford, a major multinational car company.

Truwin says sales are climbing as orders for electric vehicle sensor products such as BPS skyrocket. The electric vehicle market is still expected to see considerable growth next year, so with this contract, product exports are expected to gradually expand.