At around 12:00 noon on December 30, a Model 3 drove out of the parking lot of a hotel in Hangzhou and headed straight for the hotel, stopping after hitting a stopped Tesla and crashing into the front desk of the hotel lobby, according to the Qianjiang Evening News.

The parking lot's lane was a section of slope, and the vehicle first crashed into a roadside flower bed and then into a parked Tesla Model 3, causing severe damage to the side of the parked Tesla. The glass curtain wall on the first floor of the hotel was hit with a large hole.

According to the owner's description, the vehicle was just purchased in October this year. He pulled out of the parking lot and found that the vehicle suddenly increased its speed, "I did not step on the accelerator pedal, I have 40 years of driving experience, how can I step on the accelerator pedal when going downhill?"

The owner also said that the brakes also failed at that time. After rushing into the hotel lobby, the airbags all popped open and the owner was not injured.

As of now, Tesla has not responded on the matter.

However, in the year 2020 alone, there have been a number of Tesla acceleration accidents.

Earlier this month, a Tesla was driving normally on the highway when it suddenly accelerated and crashed into a cab. The Tesla did not stop after the crash and then accelerated again before hitting a truck.

The owner said the vehicle's control system was out of control and the steering wheel could not be adjusted, and the vehicle was like a dead phone.

(Photo source: Qianjiang Evening News)