has won another first, this time in the mobile app experience.

In a report on smart car app experience in China released on December 16, Nio App ranked first, ranked second, and ranked 15th.

The report, published by Car Research Consulting Beijing Co., Ltd., selected 20 mobile apps from 20 mainstream car brands in the Chinese market, including 3 startup car brands, 7 local brands, 5 joint venture brands and 5 luxury brands.

The study focused on "usage behavior", "quality problem performance", "usage satisfaction", "user needs and preferences", and "control/monitoring", "ecological services", "social forum", "operation experience" and "system security", and drew conclusions through weighted calculation of user research.

The study showed that the average number of problems of the app is 4.3 at present. The best performer is the new car makers, with only 2.7 problems on average, and the number of problems of both independent brands and luxury brands are more than the average.

In terms of user satisfaction, the industry average was 7.6 points (on a 10-point scale), with only the new car makers scoring higher than the average. Although the performance of autonomous, joint venture and luxury brands was not as good as the industry average, it is similar, except that the lowest score of individual brands was 5.9, which does not reach the passing line.

In the evaluation of real cars, the industry average was 54.6 points (on a 100-point scale), and the new car makers continue to lead, with a high degree of functional comprehensiveness and realization, while the independent brands also perform better than the average, and the luxury brands' disadvantage mainly stems from the lack of comprehensiveness.

The study recommends that car companies improve their apps, nip user complaints in the bud, and allow consumers to get a good deal while forming stickiness.