SAIC-GM to launch OTA upgrades of in-vehicle systems in 17 of its vehicle lines-CnEVPost

SAIC-GM today announced that from December to February 2021, it will conduct OTA upgrades of the in-vehicle systems of 17 Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac vehicle lines, bringing users updated and optimized interaction interfaces and functional improvements to in-vehicle applications.

Through the OTA remote upgrade, SAIC-GM's in-vehicle systems will bring more intelligent voice interaction, richer content resources, a better human-machine interface, and more active services.

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According to SAIC-GM, the new version's intelligent voice interaction capability has been significantly enhanced, with a variety of new control commands and support for natural voice communication, such as multiple rounds of dialogue, dialogue interruptions, custom voice wake-up, etc. Its recognition rate, accuracy, and response speed have reached an industry-leading level.

The new system also optimizes the intelligent recommendation platform, which can automatically determine scenarios based on multi-dimensional big data analysis capabilities such as location, image, time, weather, etc., and proactively provide service guidance for car owners.

This is the first time SAIC-GM launched a large-scale OTA upgrade for the in-vehicle Internet system.

SAIC-GM said that in the future, the OTA of the in-vehicle system will be updated more than once a year, covering more than 80% of its models.

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