Audi gets license for self-driving tests on Beijing public roads-CnEVPost

Audi China was recently awarded the Beijing T3 class test license, which allows the company to conduct automated driving tests on Beijing's public roads.

The T3 test license was issued to Audi China by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Highway and Traffic Administration.

Audi has always been at the forefront of future mobility issues such as automated driving and intelligent connected vehicle technologies, especially in the area of technologies developed specifically for Chinese traffic conditions, said Werner Eichhorn, President of Audi China.

Audi China was honored to be awarded the T3 test license for its previous testing activities under the T1 license, Eichhorn said, adding that it will focus on the unique needs of Chinese consumers and help develop the Chinese automotive industry.

With the new test license, Audi test vehicles will be able to carry out L4 automated driving tests on more than 180 public roads in Beijing, covering a total distance of more than 650 kilometers.

In contrast, the T1 class license allows testing on only 11 roads. Audi will base the new generation of test vehicles on the high-end SUV Audi Q8.

The T3 class test license doubles the number of test scenarios compared to the T1 class license, including simulated cloverleaf interchanges, passing roundabouts and entering and exiting main and secondary roads.