Great Wall Motor launches vital signs monitoring technology-CnEVPost

Chinese car maker Great Wall Motor has recently released its vital signs monitoring technology, which uses millimeter wave radar to monitor vital signs inside the vehicle in real time, even when the vehicle is parked and locked.

In the summer, when the outside temperature reaches 35°C, the temperature inside the closed car will rise to around 65°C after 15 minutes of sunlight.

Children trapped in a car in such high temperatures can rapidly develop "hyperthermia," a life-threatening condition. Vital sign monitoring technology is used to monitor the life inside the vehicle.

When the vehicle is turned off, all doors are closed and the locks are locked, the millimeter wave radar goes into normal monitoring mode and begins to monitor the vital signs inside the vehicle.

During the default working period, millimeter wave radar will perform multiple cycles of monitoring, and then exit the normal monitoring mode when the timer is cut off and there are no vital signs.

If vital signs are detected during the timer, an alarm will be triggered within 30s, while continuous cycling ensures the accuracy of the remaining vital signs in the vehicle.

The technology will be available on the 2021 WEY VV6.