Chinese firm releases chips for cars based on Imagination PowerVR GPU-CnEVPost

Nanjing-based SemiDrive recently announced the X9, V9 and G9 automotive chips, based on Imagination PowerVR GPUs.

These three product lines of chips are all domain-controlled large-scale SOC chips, a single chip can replace multiple traditional ECUs, can support QNX, Linux, Android and other automotive OS, and can also support AutoSAR.

Among them, Imagination's PowerVR Series9XM graphics processor (GPU) is used in the smart cockpit chip X9.

Founded in June 2018, SemiDrive's main products are autonomous driving and smart car core processor chips.

Imagination is a UK-based company that has been focused on the automotive industry for more than 10 years and is a year-round global leader in shipments of automotive chips developed using Imagination's GPUs.

The PowerVR 9XM GPUs used in the SemiDrive smart cockpit chip are part of Imagination's PowerVR Series9 GPU family, which is fully optimized for power/performance/area (PPA) and has a high performance density that makes it an ideal solution for the automotive market.

Imagination's GPUs can provide the following performance or support for automotive chips:

  • Quality management processes and traceability of all cores support customers in achieving SoCs that meet the ISO 26262 standard and its ASIL security requirements.
  • Provides extended support for hypervisor, automotive operating system and safety-critical APIs.
  • Documentation for ASIL and other certifications, specifically for automotive applications.
  • Hardware virtualization capabilities with guaranteed quality of service and security, ECC and BIST support for reliability and resilience.
  • Long-term support, including support for specific software versions, can help chip companies support automotive OEMs.

In the future, in addition to smart cockpit chips, Imagination will also be working with SemiDrive on more applications such as AI acceleration and high-performance hybrid computing.

For another important line of SemiDrive autopilot chips, Imagination's latest generation of neural network accelerators (NNA), the PowerVR Series3NX, delivers up to 160TOPS of computing power

For its high-end cockpit chips, Imagination's newly released IMG A-Series (IMG A-Series) GPUs deliver higher performance, faster processing speed and lower power consumption.