Geometry C, a Geely new energy vehicle, uses the Nidec drive motor system E-Axle-CnEVPost

Nidec recently revealed that the new Geometry C (Geometry C) from Geely is a 150kW Ni150Ex from Nidec's drive motor system, E-Axle.

Nidec said that Geely's new new energy vehicle "Geometry C" released this month is the second model in the company's high-end pure electric brand "Geometry" series.

This model adopts Geely's self-developed battery intelligent temperature control system, heat pump air conditioning system, lightweight body technology, and has a range of more than 500 km, with automatic parking system and 5G latest intelligent network technology.

The Nidec "E-Axle Ni150Ex", which is housed in "Geometry C", is an upgrade of the E-Axle (mass production begins in April 2019).

The lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller motor structures are the result of Nidec's expertise in magnetic circuit design, permanent magnets, and oil-cooled motor structures, which have been accumulated in the development of precision small motors, our main products.

The motor structure, together with the second generation (*1) inverter, contributes significantly to the vehicle's power performance, electricity performance, acoustic vibration performance and weight reduction, with a maximum power of 150kW, maximum system output torque of 3,100Nm and weight of 91kg.

Nidec has been developing the E-Axle for Geely since May 2019, and it took just one year to start mass production, including vehicle adaptations.

Nidec's goal is to have a 35% global share of the drive motor market for new energy vehicles by 2030, and the E-Axle is the main product to achieve this goal, Nidec said.

With nearly 300 companies worldwide, Nidec is a comprehensive motor motor manufacturer specializing in all "rotating and moving parts", including a wide range of small and large motor motor products.