said today that its flagship Han is available in four models, one Han DM and three Han EV models, with a subsidized price range of 230,000-280,000 yuan.

The pre-sale price of the Han DM is 230,000 and the Han EV is three models, with the pre-sale price of 240,000 (Extra Long Range Deluxe), 260,000 (Extra Long Range Premium) and 280,000 (4WD Performance Signature).

BYD Han is equipped with BYD's new generation of lithium iron phosphate "Blade Battery", which adopts the new Dragon Face design language on the exterior.

Its front face is a semi-enclosed design, and the new car is equipped with 12-way power-adjustable seats, diamond-shaped stitching technology seats, rear air vents, rear USB and 220V power supply.

In terms of technology configuration, it includes: 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, 15.6-inch center control screen (embedded DiLink 3.0 intelligent network connection system), APA automatic parking, OTA remote upgrade, 15W wireless charging, etc.

In terms of safety configuration, it is equipped with DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system, DiDAS (including automatic emergency brake assist system, forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise, single-lane integrated cruise, traffic congestion assistance, lane departure warning system, lane keeping system, blind zone detection, automatic parking, panoramic image, remote driving, etc.).

It's worth noting that APA auto-parking will be a first for the BYD Han model.

Power-wise, the BYD Han EV will be available in single-motor two-wheel-drive and dual-motor four-wheel-drive models, with the single-motor version carrying a maximum power of 163kW (222PS), a maximum torque of 330N-m and a 100km power consumption of 14.1kWh/100km.

The dual-motor version has a maximum power of 163kW (222PS) and 200kW (272PS) front and rear motors respectively, with a total power of 363kW, maximum torque of 680N-m, NEDC range of 550km, power consumption of 15.4kWh/100km and 0-100km acceleration in 3.9 seconds. Officials say the new car takes 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% in fast charging mode.