A total of 192,380 new energy vehicles were sold globally in March, down 15 percent year-on-year and accounting for about 2.5 percent of the global automotive market, data released by market research firm EV Sales showed.

In terms of power type, pure electric vehicles account for 74% of the overall sales of new energy vehicles; plug-in hybrids account for 26%.

In terms of specific brands, 's Model 3 continues to be the world's top selling new energy single model, ranking first with 48,788 units sold in March.

Tesla, the leading brand in electric vehicles, has often led the way in sales since full deliveries began at its Chinese factory.

The Qin New Energy Edition came in second with 5,271 units sold, but the Model 3 sales were more than nine times as many.

The back nine of the top ten rankings add up to only two-thirds of the Model 3's sales.

Tesla delivery and capacity scales further as the Chinese auto consumer market returns to normal. And its lead will grow with it.

In addition, Chinese brands will also shine in the list. Among the top five, BYD Qin New Energy and BAIC EU Series ranked second and fourth respectively. Of the top 15, Chinese brands occupy four seats.

However, this percentage has decreased compared to previous performance. And as more veteran automakers move into the new energy vehicle sector, the first-mover advantage of Chinese brands in new energy vehicles will be challenged.