WM Motor to launch new concept EV with 800km range-CnEVPost

Weltmeister, an electric car brand owned by Shanghai-based automotive company WM Motor Technology Co Ltd has released the teaser for its first production version of its pure electric car concept.

It has a NEDC range of 800km, L3 class conditional autopilot and 5G technology.

The name of the new car has not yet been finalized, but Weltmeister says the car will make its world debut on May 10, with mass production expected in 2022.

WM Motor to launch new concept EV with 800km range-CnEVPost

From the teaser image, the new car's exterior features the popular coupe design of the moment. Its C-pillar sliding back design looks very similar to the Mercedes-Benz CLS, and the front-facing LED light band that extends to the side of the front hatch looks very recognizable.

WM Motor to launch new concept EV with 800km range-CnEVPost

It's worth noting that there's no B-pillar on the side of the body in the teaser image, which has a coupe-like feel to it. In addition, the LED lights at the rear of the car do not have a penetrating design.

Weltmeister's first all-electric sedan has L3-level autopilot with full speed range and L4-level automatic parking, the company said.

With the help of 5G interconnection technology, the future will not only have high-definition in-car entertainment, high-precision map access, V2X interconnection of all things to create the network foundation, but also realize L4 level autopilot capability.

The new car will make its debut at the Weltmeister online launch on May 10, 2020, with mass production in 2022.

The production car will retain the design language and functional features of the concept car to the maximum extent possible for mass production, with possible changes including the addition of a B-pillar and traditional exterior mirrors.