Alipay is bringing its mini programs to cars-CnEVPost

On April 24, Alipay, SAIC, Banma network announced that they will join hands to build a 5G era digital travel model car, a million Alipay mini programs will be used in the car.

With voice control, users can enjoy a range of Alipay life services.

The SAIC Rongwei RX5 PLUS, which will be released in May, will enable this functional experience, with the first 35 Alipay mini programs on board, covering transportation, entertainment and leisure shopping.

The owner can wake up the corresponding Alipay mini program by touch, voice or gesture.

At the same time, Alipay mini program and the in-car system scenes and maps have also done a deep fusion, mini program can actively trigger the service through scene recognition.

At present, Alipay has gathered more than 1.7 million mini programs on its digital life platform. In addition to the in-car system, Alipay mini programs have penetrated Tmall, Taobao, Nails, Gaode, Sina Weibo and other multi-dimensional scenes.