is working overtime to strive for the release of the "next generation of cars" at the NIO Day at the end of this year, Nio co-founder Qin Lihong revealed in a recent live event.

Nio didn't reveal the specific model and given the progress that has been made on the release, it's expected to be the production version of the Nio eT Preview - the Nio eT7 - which will be released at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

According to Nio's production schedule, the car is expected to be delivered by the middle of next year.

The Nio eT Preview maintains the family design language, with flat and slender body lines somewhat similar to those of the ES8, and a split grille that still brings recognition.

The headlight clusters on either side of the car feature a matrix LED layout with a metal band inserted to divide it in two.

A slender waistline on its side runs from the front along the body to the rear, instantly boosting the dimensionality of the entire side and giving it a sportier feel.

In addition, the car features five-spoke silver-gray two-tone wheels with extremely stylish and sporty styling.

The car is styled in a coupe skid steer with a slightly raised rear end, which also gives the entire car a battle dive at all times.

The taillights echo the headlamps, which are matrix LEDs with a chrome strip connecting the two lights.

No official power information has been released yet, but with reference to the existing ES6 and ES8, as well as the tri-electric core technology announced during the show, the car is expected to be equipped with a dual-motor + 4WD system.

The benchmark version is likely to have a 160kW front/160kW rear motor layout with a total output of 320kW (435PS), while the performance version is likely to have a 160kW front/240kW rear motor layout with a total output of 400kW (544PS), a 100km acceleration of 5.6S and 4.7S respectively, and a pure electric range of over 450km.